Odour Removal Systems 

Odor Control Systems. Eliminates odor, reduces grease and prevents low ph corrosion. Simple installation, low maintenance, and prepackaged modular design for easy access are some of the benefits these units offer.

Key Features:

  • Simple installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Online fault monitoring
  • Prepackaged modular design for easy access
  • Safety systems automatically turn off the system if loss of air or water is detected
  • One year warranty on parts and labour
  • Expoxy coated aluminum or optional stainless steel enclosures designed for outdoor installation


  • Destroys emitting H2S and associated odors
  • Eliminates odor complaints
  • Breaks down grease
  • Kills Biofilm
  • Helps prevent H2S corrosion within the wet well
  • Helps prevent PH corrosion by raising the PH level
  • No chemical storage handling


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