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For nearly two decades Ozone Water Systems, Inc. (OWS) has designed, installed and serviced ozone water treatment systems for municipal wastewater treatment plants, bottled water plants, food processing plants, theme parks and even the motion picture industry – in fact, anywhere that benefits from chlorine free water decontamination. OWS is committed to leading the world in integrated ozone technology by promoting the awareness and understanding of ozone systems and their benefits. A combination of expertise and strategic global alliances enable OWS to deliver superior ozonation designs, systems and services to customers.

Product Specifications

OWS-AC Series: 

This quiet running air cooled ozone generator is not only the world’s most reliable, it is also UL rated.  A non-metallic clear-covered enclosure with cabinet filter, silent 21 kHz inverter and precise 10:1 linear turn down included.  Local or remote control via analog 4-20 mA signal. Models are 100–240 VAC, 50/60 hZ with tube-compression inlet/outlet connections. They accept supply oxygen feed gas pressure range of 10–100 psi. Safeties include on board oxygen analyzer (optional), temperature limiter, low gas flow trip, low gas pressure trip, and inverter/power trip.

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OWS-6000 Series : 

The OWS-6000 Series industrial generators are built upon proven PurFresh technology which combines the best available corona discharge technology with patented thermoelectric cooling, microcomputer control and remote monitoring. The generator includes oil-free, dry air preparation, ozone generating cells, power supplies and an on-board microcomputer. The microcomputer precisely controls all generator functions and can direct the supply of ozone to a single process or to multiple outputs for independently controlled separate processes. Service is accomplished by replacement of standardized plug-in modules. All components are safely housed in a NEMA 3R weather tight cabinet.

Combining the generator with OWS contacting, monitoring and control products provides for single source, cost-effective ozone treatment solutions.

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