Aclarus – Ozone Water Systems 

There’s a new era in water treatment with the most advanced Canadian built ozone water systems available only from Aclarus. Aclarus 3-in-1 treatment solves water problems easily, effectively and affordably for any flow, application or industry.

The only NSF-61 approved ozone system, Aclarus’s practical and efficient design offers improved health, quality and operations for Residential, Agricultural, Industrial and Humanitarian use. Our innovative technology solves operational, health and environmental issues across the world, all in a low maintenance and long lasting system. There is nothing stronger or more natural than ozone for perfect water on-flow and on-demand. Aclaurs ozone not only provides the strongest disinfection for bacteria, viruses and cysts, it also eliminates other contaminants (e.g. iron, sulphur) along with taste, smell and color issues – all while preserving healthy minerals and great tasting, oxygen rich water.

Product Specifications:

Aclarus AOWT 4GPM – Residential Ozone water systems

Aclarus is proud to offer the indie series of ozone water treatment Systems as the new solution to even the worst water issues. Ozone’s strength and perfect taste make it the choice for 75% of Euopean cities and 95% of bottled water.  Aclarus has made it available for every home.

Our Canadian built systems are low energy and virtually no maintenance. Ozone naturally and instantly treats any source water (well, lake, city) on-demand. No chemicals or inputs, just low watt electricity and air for easy, healthy water.

Key Features:

  • Highest Quality – Assurance of safety and taste NSF-61 approved
  • Compact, Low Energy – Fully automated to treat any source water
  • The Strongest, Fastest Protection – From the worst viruses, bacteria and contaminants
  • Lowest Maintenance and Operating Costs – 1000 Litres = < $0.03
  • Permanent – Solution from Water Issues
  • Warrantied, Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Enhances any existing Equipment (eg. RO) – Protects appliances and Fixtures

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