Technologies to meet your needs 

At VEK we have created strong partnerships with leading industry professionals, and are able to bring these technologies to our customers. We offer a variety of products for any application. Below are some of the main products we are proud to offer. Please contact us for more information of our full line of products.


Ozone Water Systems (OWS) Air fed Plasma Block technology Ozone generator. Requires Oxygen Feed gas, internally monitored for safety and performance- Coupled with various injection systems fitted to specific application.

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Cutting edge ozone generators. Our GM-series ozone generators are built on patented ozone technology that enables ozone production with both very high concentration and outlet pressure. These unique features mean energy savings of up to 50% and a very low life-cycle cost.

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Odour Removal Systems

Odor Control Systems. Eliminates odor, reduces grease and prevents low ph corrosion. Simple installation, low maintenance, and prepackaged modular design for easy access are some of the benefits these units offer.

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Ozone water treatment package- Designed to treat well water, ground water and other types of dugout or stagnant waters- used to sterilize bacteria and oxidize/ precipitate metals.

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Medical Oxygen quality- Airsep concentrators are the best and most reliable Oxygen source available on the market today 93-98 % purity depending on the application.

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Injection Systems

 Solutions to water and wastewater problems in the municipal, industrial and agriculture markets. Gas injection systems used to diffuse ambient, Oxygen, Ozone, nitrogen and CO2 gas for different applications and treatments.

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