Providing Ozone, Oxygen, and Water Treatment Technologies. 

VEK Environmental brings years of experience and passion to the industry. We have developed close relationships with leading industry professionals and saw a niche to bring global technologies to customers. In 2013 VEK Environmental Ltd. began operation with the vision of bridging the worlds of supplier and customer.

VEK Environmental along with our suppliers design, manufacture and services complete ozonation systems and is committed to leading the world in integrated ozone technology by promoting the awareness and understanding of ozone systems and their benefits. Our combination of expertise and strategic global alliances enable us to deliver superior ozonation designs, systems and services to our customers.

We carry an extensive inventory, and has a working knowledge of all the leading ozone systems currently used in the marketplace. We work with our technical and engineering partners to design the best possible solutions.

Product lines:

Gas generation – Ozone, Oxygen, & Nitrogen
Gas injection systems
Oil water separators
DAF- Dissolved Air Flotation
Membrane-Filter technologies

Who benefits from these technologies?

Water treatment
Oil and gas
Pulp and paper
Residential/ cottage
Pool, spa
Theme parks

Representatives for:

Ozone Water Systems

Plasma Ozone Technologies

Small ozone water system packages for home and cottage use

Oxygen and Nitrogen Systems